Essential Travel Info

Greek sockets are standard European sockets (voltage of AC/230 V/50Hz). Participants should bring their own adapters if their devices/appliances/plugs are incompatible with such sockets and voltage.

July is usually hot and dry in Crete. You can find the weather forecast for Rethymnon HERE.

Internet access
Within the campus area, the participants can use the UoC wireless network. A special password will be provided. Participants affiliated with institutions that participate in the EduRoam network may use their own accounts.

Receiving and making international calls
International dialing code for Greece: +30. Area dialing code for Rethymnon: 28310.
To call from a Greek line abroad please check HERE
Note that when you use your home country cell phone, you need to use the international codes that apply in your own country.

Useful phone numbers & addresses

Emergency phone numbers (from anywhere in Greece)
Emergency phone numbers in Rethymnon (city map)
Useful phone numbers in Rethymnon (city map)

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