02 Apr 2018: early application deadline expired
We regret that we are unable to accept any more applications at this time, as the number of applications we have received for the dorm far exceeds the available space. We will reopen the applications interface May 1-15, but for applications for the school only, which means that if you are interested in applying then, you should be prepared to locate accommodations of your own in Rethymno. If this is an option for you, please check our website May 1-15.

06 Jan 2018: Poster session
Registered participants will be invited to present their work in a poster session that will be held during the school. The location and time of the poster session will be announced closer to the start of the school. Details about signing up for the poster session, as well as format specifications will be included with the acceptance letter.

18 Nov 2017: Application and fees
Fees for early and late registration will be announced by the 15th of January 2018, along with the application interface and all the relevant information. Please keep in mind that it may be the case that as in 2017, we will stop accepting applications at the early application deadline, i.e. April, 1st.