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We try to make CreteLing affordable to as many people as possible and we charge only the fees that are absolutely necessary for the running of the school. We hope to be able to have a small number of grants available. Students of the University of Crete do not pay tuition fees. We are, unfortunately, unable to accept applications from high-school students. Retired faculty (from any university) do not pay tuition fees, in recognition of their contribution to the field, but are not eligible for dorm accommodations.

As of now, we can only accept participants with active vaccination certificates. Please stay tuned for more information and possible changes of the requirements.
Unfortunately, the dorms will not be available this year because they are being renovated.
This means that participants will have to find accommodations on their own through the internet. We are very sorry about this, but the alternative was to cancel the school, which we did not want to do after the two pandemic-related cancellations. For participants who are interested in connecting with others for shared accommodations, there is a related option on the application page.
Registration type Tuition fees Accommodation
UoC students and alumni waiver No availability for 2022
Grants €150 No availability for 2022
Students early registration €300 No availability for 2022
late registration €400 No availability for 2022
Non-studentsearly registration €400 No availability for 2022
late registration €500 No availability for 2022
Retired faculty waiver not eligible for dorm accommodation
Admissions Procedure

Everyone interested in attending CreteLing needs to apply to the school by submitting the online application form, uploading their CV (in pdf format) and, if a student, providing the name of a referee. (Please make sure your referee submits the letter by the deadline. Without it you cannot be admitted to the school). Before submitting your online application, please read the instructions, terms and conditions carefully.

Since we cannot provide dorm space this year, we thought it would help participants, in their search for accommodations, to know what the status of their application is as soon as possible. To this end, we will have two evaluation rounds of early applications: If you apply by April 5 or May 5, you will be notified about the status of your application within 15 days. The tuition fees associated with both dates (i.e. April 5 or May 5) are the same, and both are lower than the tuition fees associated with the late application deadline (June 10).

After receiving their acceptance letter, applicants need to confirm their participation via e-mail to the administrative officer at creteling.ao@gmail.com and proceed to payment to the school (i.e. registration) within the deadline mentioned in their letter of acceptance. Accepted applicants who do not confirm or pay within the deadline will lose their spot. Please note that applicants who have met the early application deadline will pay early fees regardless of whether they were directly admitted to the school or were placed on the waiting list first.

Applicants who submit their application by the late deadline (i.e. June 10) will be notified about their admission to the school by June 15, at the latest. Again, after notification regarding their admission, applicants need to confirm their participation via e-mail to creteling.ao@gmail.com and proceed to payment within the deadline that will be given in their letter of acceptance.

Registration is completed only after payment has gone through. Registered participants will receive a letter with their password in order to log in to Course Material and select their Courses.

Ways of Payment: will be described in your acceptance letter.

Registered participants will be invited to present their work in a poster session that will be held during the school. The locations and time of the poster sessions are announced on our website under 'Events'. Details about signing up for the poster session, as well as format specifications will be included in the acceptance letter.

Please follow the link APPLY TO THE SUMMER SCHOOL and read the application instructions carefully.

We regret that we are unable to accept any more applications to CreteLing 2022. All available slots in our program have now been filled.

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Alexis Kalokerinos
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