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Please complete the form using the Latin alphabet. Please avoid diacritics that do not exist in English.
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If you are an Independent scholar/other, please, write down your profession and affiliation, if applicable.
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UoC students are required to use their UoC accounts.

Area(s) of interest:
Please mention up to three areas of linguistics you are interested in.

Accommodations:select one of the options below:
I would like to stay in a shared room (Xenia dorms).
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I will organize my own accommodation.

Add me to the off-campus accommodation list
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In case you prefer staying in off-campus housing (e.g. Airbnb) or if you are on the dorm waiting list and you are looking for potential CreteLing roommates, do you want your name and address to be added to an off-campus accommodations list, which will circulate (only) among its members? This will permit you to find other participants with who you can share accommodations.

Buddy system: If you attended a previous CreteLing, would you like to be considered
as a buddy to a newcomer?
Yes No
If you are new to CreteLing, do you want to be assigned a buddy?
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clear selections
The Buddy System's purpose is to help newcomers adjust to and feel at home at the school itself, as well as in the town of Rethymnon. If you attended any of the previous CreteLings and are willing to be somebody's buddy, we will assign you to a new incoming student via e-mail. You will be expected to contact your buddy before the start of the school, tell them about your experiences last time around, and answer any questions that you can. Furthermore, you will be expected to meet up with your buddy at the welcoming reception, as well as show them around on the first day of the school, introduce them to other people you know etc. After that, your obligations will cease, but hopefully a friendship will have started.

Grants: Would you like to be considered for a Van Riemsdijk fellowship?
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* Students of the University of Crete and non-students are not eligible for a grant

Reference letter: As part of the application process, we ask students to solicit one letter of reference.
This letter should be sent to creteling.admissions@gmail.com (by the announced deadline).
Referee name:
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Short CV (PDF format):

Terms of submission: by submitting this form you acknowledge that you give permission to the directors and officers of CreteLing to use the above information for the efficient administration of the school.

Sabine Iatridou
Vina Tsakali

Marianna Kabouroudi
Sabine Iatridou
Ioanna Kappa
Despina Oikonomou
Vina Tsakali

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