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For any questions regarding admissions, please write to creteling.admissions@gmail.com (Despina Oikonomou)

For any questions regarding advising with courses, please write to creteling.advising@gmail.com (Sabine Iatridou)

For information regarding travelling and any other practical issues, please write to creteling.ao@gmail.com (Marianna Kabouroudi)

For any additional information and inquiries, please write to creteling@gmail.com (Sabine Iatridou and Vina Tsakali)

You can also follow the activites of CreteLing on social media
Who we are

Sabine Iatridou (iatridou@mit.edu)
Vina Tsakali (tsakali@uoc.gr)

Organizing Committee
Sabine Iatridou (iatridou@mit.edu)
Ioanna Kappa (kappa@uoc.gr)
Despina Oikonomou (despina.oikonomou@uoc.gr)
Vina Tsakali (tsakali@uoc.gr)

Administrative officer
Marianna Kabouroudi (creteling.ao@gmail.com)
Teaching Assistants

Johanna Victoria Alstott, jalstott@mit.edu
Adele Mortier, mortier@mit.edu
Hani Al Naeem, hani20@mit.edu
James Cooper Roberts, jcrobert@mit.edu
Bergul Soykan, bergul@mit.edu
Bingzi Yu, iceyu@mit.edu

Special thanks
Konstantinos Roungeris for the design of the CreteLing logo.
Sabine Iatridou
Vina Tsakali

Marianna Kabouroudi
Sabine Iatridou
Ioanna Kappa
Despina Oikonomou
Vina Tsakali

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