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Internet access
Within the campus area, the participants can use the UoC wireless network. Participants affiliated with institutions that participate in the eduroam network may use their own accounts.

Internet access around the campus can be unpredictable and poor. One way around this is to buy your own data plan while you are in Crete. Below are some options. Keep in mind that the prices may be somewhat different by July 2024; in general, the price range is about 15-25 euros for 10 GB or more. If you have an unlocked phone, the simplest option may be to just get a Greek SIM card with data for your phone and use it to make a hotspot for your devices. If you don't have an unlocked phone, you might be able to use a SIM card on your tablet if it has a SIM port. To directly use the SIM card on your laptop, you will need to buy a USB modem stick into which you will insert the SIM card. Note that when you buy the SIM card, the seller will need to make a copy of your passport/id. Please, visit the following sites (they all support English) to find the more covenient point of sale: Wind, Vodafone, Cosmote.

Receiving and making international calls
International dialing code for Greece: +30. Area dialing code for Rethymnon: 28310.
To call from a Greek line abroad please check HERE.
Note that when you use your home country cell phone, you need to use the international codes that apply in your own country.

Greek sockets are standard European sockets (voltage of AC/230 V/50Hz). Participants should bring their own adapters if their devices/appliances/plugs are incompatible with such sockets and voltage.

The campus restaurant will be open for breakfast and lunch (no dinner) during the period of the summer school.
You can have breakfast or lunch at the campus restaurant.
Student prices apply to everybody (less than 5 euros each meal). During the day, there are also cafeterias where you can get coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches, cheese pies etc.

July is usually hot and dry in Crete. You can find the weather forecast for Rethymnon HERE.

Medical Issues
The CreteLing office has a first-aid kit and a blood pressure monitor. If you think you need either of these, please come by. For more serious medical issues, if you are on campus during classes, please come by or have somebody notify the CreteLing office.

Swimming in the sea: One of the main attractions of Crete are its beautiful beaches. There are also various opportunities to swim in the sea in, and in the area of, Rethymnon. Be careful, though, not to overestimate yourself. Also, it is extremely important to keep in mind that there are strong currents (and sometimes dangerous rip currents). Best practice is to stay close to the beach, in particular when the sea is rough, and to avoid swimming out at night.

The sun: The Cretan sun is much stronger than many of you might expect. The island is far south in the northern hemisphere. Just look at one of our maps. Crete is at 35.2401° N. By comparison, Barcelona and Rome are much more to the North, at 41.3851° N and 41.9028° N respectively. So please wear a hat during the day, and wear sunscreen with a high SPF (SPF30 or above) and try to remain in shade. Do not lie on the beach in the sun during the day (between 12:00 and 19:00). Please take these protection measures very seriously! Also, it would be a good idea to have a look at the Mayo Clinic's pages on sunburn and heatstroke.
Useful phone numbers & addresses

Emergency phone numbers (from anywhere in Greece)
  • First aid - Emergencies: 166
  • European emergency: 112 - free of charge from most mobile phones for emergency services (ambulance, fire and rescue, police).
  • Police emergency: 100
  • Fire emergency: 199
  • Poison center: 210 7793777 (operates 24 hours for advice)
  • Tourist police: 171 (24 hour-line. Information and instructions in Greek, English, French and German).
Emergency phone numbers in Rethymnon (city map)
  • General Hospital: 28310 87100, 2831 342100
    • 17, Trandalidou St. south side of The Municipal Garden (no. 21 on the city map)
  • Police station: 28310 88154, 28310 8815526
    • Iroon Politechniou St. (no. 23 on the city map)
  • Traffic Police: 28310 88163, 28310 8816626
    • Iroon Politechniou St. (no. 23 on the city map)
  • Tourist police: 28310 28156
    • S. Venizelou St, next to Marina (no. 16 on the city map)
Useful phone numbers in Rethymnon (city map)
  • TAXI services: 28310 24000, 28310 25000 or 28310 22316 🚕
    • for people with disabilities: 28310 56678
  • Tourist Info Office (EOT): 28310 83127
    • S. Venizelou St, next to Marina (no. 16 on the city map)
  • Bus station (KTEL - Intercity & City Buses) - Info: 28310 22212, 28310 22785 (no. 13 on the city map)
  • Chania Airport (IATA code: CHQ): 28210 83800
  • Heraklion Airport (IATA code: HER): 2810 397129 / 2810 397136
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