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Department of Philology
University of Crete, Greece


The dorms of the University of Crete are located in the following two places:

Specifically for the Gallos dorm
There is only one small convenience store on campus, which is closed during the weekend. Students will be able to get supplies from the city of Rethymnon or from Gallos village (20 minute walk from the Gallos dorm)

Internet in the dorms is unpredictable and can be poor. One way around this is to buy your own data plan while you are in Crete. To this end, we have done a bit of market research for you. Below are some possibilities. Keep in mind that the prices may be somewhat different by July 2020. If you have an unlocked phone, the simplest option may be to just get a Greek SIM card with data for your phone and use it to make a hotspot for your devices. If you don’t have an unlocked phone, you might be able to use a SIM card on your tablet if it has a SIM port. To directly use the SIM card on your laptop, you will need to buy a USB modem stick into which you will insert the SIM card. Note that when you buy the SIM card, the seller will need to make a copy of your passport/id. The following prices are for the SIM card: Please, use the sites above (they all support English) to find the more covenient point of sale.

The campus restaurant will be open for breakfast and lunch (no dinner) during the period of the summer school.
You can have breakfast or lunch at the campus restaurant regardless of which dorm you are staying in (and regardless of whether you are staying in a dorm to begin with).
Student prices apply to everybody (less than 5 euros each meal). During the day, there are also cafeterias where you can get coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches, cheese pies etc.

Check-in & Check out Policy
Check in: Friday, July 17 (from 10:00 until 22:00) and Saturday, July 18 (from 10:00 until 14:00).
Check-out: Saturday, August 1 (from 10:00 until 17:00).

If a one-day earlier arrival or later departure is desired, please write to creteling.ao@gmail.com.

Dorm Regulations - Agreement Form
Please download THIS FORM, read it carefully, sign it, and have it with you at check in.